21 May 2009

God Bless Baby Vivian

My heart is broken.
Sweet, little Vivian left us today, but I know that we will see her again. That is a comfort no one can take away.
Please continue to lift up Lisa and Herman and their children during this difficult time of grief and mourning. Pray that they would feel HELD.
I love this song by Natalie Grant; it says it all:


daphne said...

Hey. I knew them a long time ago. I have not been able to go any where or do anything without hearing Vivian's name. I tried to find her Caring Bridge site but could not. Can you help connect me? I can not think about what they are experiencing or I will come apart at the seams but I wanted them to at least know how loved they are and how much prayer saturated heaven on Vivian's behalf and how God is still good. Even if you think you hate Him, He is still good. Do you know the site address?

HerstoryGirl said...

Yes, the CaringBridge site for Vivian is:

You will have to register but they don't spam you.
I'm sure they would appreciate a note from you.
Today, I am just numb.
I cannot even imagine...

Shannon M. said...

Prayed for them (and those who love them) last night by Laynie's bedside. Just beyond words awful.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry!