02 December 2009


I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!
Mine was nothing short of eventful...
I did go home to Arkansas to see family, but my visit did not go *exactly* as planned.

The night I arrived to my dad's house, he had just left to go the ER with chest pains!
He was admitted to the hospital with full-blown pneumonia which is pretty scary since he is almost 71 years old! The weird thing is, he wasn't even coughing. My dad NEVER gets sick and his fever went very high. The doctor finally agreed to let him go home (after 4 days) just before Thanksgiving.
I am happy -- and Thankful! -- to report that he is doing much better. I appreciate all of your prayers for him.

Unfortunately, with all of the craziness surrounding my dad, I did not get to see any of my friends this trip. I sincerely apologize to all of you who I told I would contact over Thanksgiving! Things just didn't go as planned and even after Daddy came home, I felt that this Thanksgiving was meant just for family.
I know you understand, but I am sorry that we were not able to connect this time. I hope to return to Arkansas in the next 2 months; I promise to keep you posted!

Having such a scare has made me that much more aware of how truly blessed I really am. This holiday season, I am thinking of all of my family and friends, and giving thanks for each and every one of you. Love, family, and friendship are amazing gifts from God & I don't ever want to take them for granted.

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jennifer maggio said...

miss ya friend. feel like you & donna & i should make time to sit down, if only for 45 minutes!