04 September 2007

Ebay Mom Writes Best Auction EVER!

Have you seen this???
This lady -- a mom of 6 kids -- wrote this ebay auction and it is absolutely hilarious!
Check it out here: "Pokemon Cards My Kids Tried To Sneak Past Me"

Oh, man could I sympathize and I only have 3! Once, though, I had my friend Shawn's 4 kids with me (along with my own 3) when I went to the store and you should have seen the looks. And I was asked that question 3 times in our 30 minute shopping trip!!!
"Wow, are all of those yours?"

This beleaguered mom has hit the big-time and she's receiving media attention from all over due to the popularity of her auction. She also has a blog and I have saved it to my favorites. You can check it out in my side column or here:

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