03 September 2007

Serving @ St. Francisville Campus!

Yesterday (9/2/07), my Elevate team served at the St. Francisville campus of Healing Place Church. We had to be there for 7:50 am and St. Francisville is an hour from Baton Rouge, so it was an early start.

You know, I have a whole new respect for those guys at San Fran Church because yesterday we witnessed (and helped with!) what they do each and EVERY Sunday morning... Because the church is currently meeting in a local school, set up and breakdown is rather extensive. The "sanctuary" takes place in a basketball gym, but when set up is done, you almost forget you're in a gym. :)
It took us a good almost 2 hours to get everything set up and ready -- from putting out the chairs, hanging curtains, moving furniture, etc. And that doesn't even include setting up the stage with all of the instruments and sound equipment! Then, it's another 1-1.5 hours to tear it all back down...
Here are just a few pics from yesterday to give you a *small* idea of the task required. My hat is off to those dedicated servants who so freely give of their time and strength to go through this EVERY WEEK:

When it's all set up and ready...

Ready to work... AFTER we've had our coffee!
(Carlene, Dottie, Tony, & Carole)

Renee and Laura: Ready to SERVE!


When service is over, it's time to tear it all down...

Almost finished!

Who knew Orlando Bloom went to HPC???!!

Putting away the instruments & sound equipment

Closing the doors to the stage...

Trying to make it all fit!

Believe it or not... it's ALL going to go in here!!!

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