28 August 2007

Cool Book

Our book club just finished reading this, but I'm just getting started (long story):

The Revolution: A Field Manual For Changing Your World

So far, I absolutely LOVE it! It addresses all those issues that "comfortable Christians" find distasteful...
Capital Punishment
The Environment
Fair Trade
Gang Violence
Women's Rights
Clean Water
Human Trafficking
War & Peace
Yeah, I know; the fallacious misconception is that if you are a Christian, you don't care about such things. For too long now, we have let the secular world take all the responsibility (and the credit!) for addressing these issues.
This book is a small, collaborative effort by several Christian writers to address these important issues and to show that there ARE Christians working quietly to make a difference. Broken up into short, concise essays, this book offers insight into the problems as well as practical suggestions that ANYONE can do to help in the struggle to alleviate these social issues.

It's true that we should worship the Creator, not the creation, but this has been taken to the extreme by far too many Christians. We have a responsibility -- indeed, an OBLIGATION, to take care of the planet that is entrusted to us. More importantly, we must speak up for those who have no voice and provide help and assistance in ANY way we can to those who need our help.
I encourage you to check out this great book and
get inspired to just

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