21 August 2007

First Day of School!!!

This is too funny; I am like a giddy schoolgirl! Elevate classes start TONIGHT and I am so wired -- and I haven't even had my Red Bull yet today... ;)

Remember when you were little and your mom took you shopping for new crayons and notebooks and pencils for school? Remember ho
w excited you were seeing all the new things -- fresh and ready for use -- still pristine in their boxes...? That's how I am right now. Last night, I packed up my old leather backpack (leftover from Graduate School 10 years ago!!) with my Elevate binders, my new notebooks, pencils, and pens. And I've been so antsy all day today; I can hardly get any work done.
I think it's weird that I would be this way; I hated school until I got to college. Really; I never enjoyed school; dreaded it every year. When I got to college, my trepidation turned to JOY when I realized it was NOTHING like school and I loved it so much, I spent 6 ye
ars getting my undergraduate degree. :) Of course, changing my major 3 times didn't help, either. Anyway, I will post tomorrow about my *first day of school*. Maybe by then I can actually FOCUS & tell you what it is I'm doing and why. :)

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Dawn said...

Summer, are you sure you aren't doing this so you can be a televangelist?? ha ha. I am proud of you for doing this.. I hope it goes well for you.
With Great Belief