23 August 2007

Tomorrow is....

my FAVORITE day of the week!
Tomorrow is Friday, the day the girls and I go to the Baton Rouge Dream Center. On Fridays, BRDC holds LADIES THRIVE -- a Bible study/prayer group for the ladies in the neighborhood. I have made some wonderful friends at the Dream Center -- volunteers and attendees alike!
Basically, Charity and Donna usually go around with the HPC van and pick up any ladies who need a lift to the Center. Once they arrive, we have snacks provided and we sit and chat until everyone has arrived. Then Pastor Alliece reads a short scripture and talks about how it applies to our daily lives. It is always so thought-provoking and I find that I get just as much out of the "lesson" as the ladies do! After some serious, "in-your-face, no-beating-around-the-bush straight-talk, we break up into small groups and get to know each other a little better. We go around the circle and ask each of the ladies if there is anything they are going through that they need special prayer for. Sometimes, they just need someone to listen or a shoulder to cry on.
Other times, we do what we can to get them some real help, directing them to people/places who can aid them in their current predicament. Then we pray over them and for them.

Afterward (if we're lucky) COOKING FOR CHRIST team comes and serves a hot meal. And can these guys COOK! They are SO awesome!! We love the CFC team. =)
The ladies are then taken home (or leave) with a bag of groceries and (usually) a jug of tea or something similar.
I truly do look forward to every Friday and when I have to miss (sick child or vacation), I'm so sad. I know some of the ladies have gotten attached to me (and I to them!) because when I'm gone they fuss at me wantin' to know where I've been!
I'm going to try to take my camera tomorrow and take some pictures to post here of my amazing Fridays at the BRDC...

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