19 August 2007

Hey, I'm blogging here!

Well, here goes nothing... for years, I've thought about doing a blog... I've talked about doing a blog, I even started this account about 8 months ago!
Obviously, this is the first thing I've written and I know my friend Carole over at
The Wardrobe and the White Tree will be so proud of me and she'll probably say, "
Well it's about time!!!" =) So, what inspired me to finally start blogging?
I am a brand new student of my church's ministry internship called, "Elevate."
Basically, this is a program for anyone who has felt God's calling on their life to SERVE -- whether it be through missions, pastoring, feeding the poor, or any other area of ministry -- whatever each individual feels called to do.

NO, it doesn't mean that I'm going to be a preacher, or a missionary, or a tv evangelist -- it means that I feel God is wanting to use me to reach hurting people and to show His love to them in ways I can't even imagine right now...
It's not a cult or some freaky-weird, hyper-religious thing.
It's about doing what Jesus told us to do:
It's about SERVING and becoming a servant for God.
Uh, Oh; Someone's been drinking the Kool-Aid!
Well, if
feeding the poor, reaching the lost, and
comforting the sick & hurting is considered "drinking the kool-aid," th
en I say: Pass the pitcher! =)

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homegirl said...

My heartfelt wishes for the BEST in reaching your goal(s) and may you be blessed with never-ending strength while you strive in happiness and be filled with determination & confidence to achieve them. I am proud to have met you and to know more about your dreams/visions to pursue in life. I have complete faith that you will succeed, my friend!

You are in my family's daily prayers,
Kelly Courtney