21 October 2007

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace... That's the only way I can describe how I got through the past week!

Elevate mid-terms for my level are in TWO DAYS and I have never been busier! This past week was truly a test in faith and endurance. I had stuff going on EVERY DAY. I was either working or volunteering every day and my study time has been extremely limited. I was really worried about it and I was completely "stressing," but a few days ago, a friend of mine said something profound to me:
"If I were able to do it all on my own, then I would not need God."
That puts things in perspective, doesn't it?
I don't ever want to "not need God." But even more, I want to do so much MORE than what I, alone, am capable of.
That takes faith and trust that He will see me through ANYTHING that comes my way.

Two days ago, I was studying in CC's and met a young lady named, Tova. She said something that really got me thinking... Her friend is doing a program similar to Elevate through her church, Bethany. She told me that when her friend started the ministry internship, she was literally assaulted by "stuff" from every direction, but more importantly, she expected it.
Well, yeah.
Strange how I never thought of it that way before.
Why would I expect anything different?
I mean, I guarantee that the enemy (Satan) is not happy that I am doing Elevate. Why would I expect my life to get simpler or slow down when I am doing something so *dangerous* to him?

What did I expect???
That life would be smooth sailing while I did something of utmost importance?
That all of life's problems and issues would work themselves out or (at least) wait on hold until I get through with this semester?
That's not faith. That's wishful thinking. Mortal wishful thinking.
Anytime we are in God's will, we can be sure that things are not going to get easier for us -- especially if we are stepping out to do something the enemy considers "dangerous." But we don't have to do it alone!

Instead of wishing for easier days, more hours in the day, or less stress in my life, my prayer needs to be for more GRACE to get me through anything that comes my way.
And not to just "get me through it," but to help me to excel at EVERYTHING I do even when it seems impossible to do so.
God loves to do the impossible, so why not give Him a chance to do it?

His Grace is enough for me.


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Summer thank you so much for posting this! I think this really relates to what we were talking about Thursday night before conference.