30 October 2007


Yeah, yeah, yeah... I can hear you grumbling loud and clear.

I know it's been several days since I posted, but cut me some slack will ya?

After an INSANELY BUSY weekend -- HPC Women's Conference -- I have been physically "crashing" for about 2 days. I think I'm trying to get sick, but I'm fighting it with everything I have. I'm doing the full arsenal of Airborne (yes, it really works), Cold-Eeze, Vitamin B complex, and LOTS of fluids.
I still feel awful.
Did I mention today is my birthday?
I turned 38 today and so did my very good friend, Monette.
How crazy is this? I live across the street from one of my dearest friends and we have SO much in common and we were born about 5 hours apart! Seriously; same day, same year.
I have to tell you, though: she's older. HA!
Love ya, Monette!!!

I have SO MUCH to say that I don't know where to begin...
I am REALLY wanting to post about the various sessions of the women's conference, but I think I might do that on my website and just post the link here. I will let you know if I decide to do that.
Also, I realize now that I never got around to talking about the amazing clean-up we did a couple of weeks ago at the Winbourne Church (soon to be the NEW Baton Rouge Dream Center). So, I will try to go by there and take some pictures and post about that soon as well.
I guess that's about it for today. I really want to take a nap before class tonight, but I haven't played Runescape in over a week...
Then again, it might be good if I folded the several baskets of laundry piled up on my floor.
Oy Vey!

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GregJrsMom said...

Hope you had a great birthday!!