01 November 2007

I'm Not Listening...

God can't use someone like you.

Your life has been a waste of time.

Look how little you have accomplished; what have you got to show for yourself?

You don't deserve forgiveness.

It's too late for God to give your life purpose.

You are not special... or important... or beautiful... or wanted...

These are all LIES of the enemy and I just want to say,

I'M NOT LISTENING!!!!! to them anymore.

Last week at the HPC "Live the Dream" Women's Conference, Tammy Trent gave an amazing testimony. She is a powerful singer with an awesome message. I bought her newest disc and my favorite track (so far) is titled, "I'm Not Listening." It's a message to the devil to just SHUT UP. The enemy uses all kinds of tricks and lies to make us think our lives don't have vision or purpose.
He is relentless.
And so often we fall for his lies hook, line, and sinker.

My dear friend, Carole, over at Wardrobe and the White Tree told me something kind of frightening.
Last weekend, when Christine Caine was speaking, the devil was attacking various women in the audience with quiet little whispering lies of self-doubt...

"You're almost 40 years old; what have YOU done with YOUR life?"
"You could never be a great leader for Christ like Christine Caine..."
"You have wasted your life; you are of no use to God now."


Well, yeah, I can.
I believe it, but it makes me angry. How DARE the enemy try to steal the promises we were given during the conference?!
I don't know about you, but I came away from last week with renewed hope and zeal for what I believe God is doing and about to do in my life. And I don't want to lose sight of that...
Some may scoff and think it's silly, but I have a peace and a joy that no one can steal. I truly feel sorry for anyone who DOESN'T feel that promise -- that sense of purpose.
Life is too hard and too short to not feel there is a reason for being here.
Why would ANYONE want to go through it alone?

Oh, I'm as vulnerable as anyone.
Satan messes with my mind and attacks my ego... I start doubting my own purpose and value, but

No matter how hard the enemy tries -- whispering all those lies into my ear -- this will be my new mantra:
I'm NOT listening!