27 November 2007

China-Free Shopping

Is anyone else having a tough time shopping for Christmas gifts NOT made in China???

This is driving me nuts!

Nothing is safe it seems...

On the other hand, this is the perfect excuse to get creative with my Christmas shopping. I have come up with several "non-traditional" gifts for my kids this year. Of course, I can't list them here because my older kids read my blog. LOL!

Someone was telling me that Target had a HUGE ad in last week's pre-"Black Friday" sales flier promoting:

Ummm... guess someone didn't get that memo.

Hopefully, everyone reading this knows about the horrible discovery regarding the popular toy, "Aqua Dots," but if not, you can read it here: AQUA DOTS RECALL

Makes you wonder if the Target employee responsible for that ad going out is looking for a new job right about now, doesn't it?

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