06 November 2007

Pass the creamer...

Ok, so CAROLE seems to think I should lighten up a tad...
What am I? Coffee?
I'm sorry.
I can't help it.
I try to sit down and write something light-hearted, but nothing comes to me.

The fact is, I find that blogging is something that I put off doing until I feel strongly convicted to write.
In other words, a thought or idea comes to me and I HAVE to write about it; otherwise, I'm always seeing things or thinking thoughts that I'd LIKE to write about, but my life is so chaotic that I never take the time to actually do so.
Does that make sense?

I could post one of those informational quizzes about myself and you could come away knowing that my favorite color is purple, my favorite food is popcorn, and my favorite author is Maya Angelou.
I could write about how I LOATHE doing dishes and that my husband and I have this awesome, unspoken agreement that I will handle most of the other cleaning as long as he does the dishes every day. =)
I could write and tell you just HOW EXPENSIVE that cute, little lab puppy is actually going to cost just to get him through the first year (we're talking acquisition, shots, surgery, maintenance, and REPAIR costs!!!!).

I could tell you my favorite recipe for what I like to call "Mexican Jambalaya" or my top-secret recipe for "Fresh Coconut Cream Cake,"
But honestly,
if I'm going to take the time to sit and blog, MOST of the time, you are going to hear what is on my heart. I don't mean to preach or lecture, but when I write, I write with passion and conviction and sometimes I might get carried away. =)
If I think of something "light" to write -- and I'm having a slow week -- I'll be sure to post it here.

In the meantime, I hope you'll comment and let me know what you think of my rants...

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