10 November 2007

SICK of being Sick...

Today marks day 13 that my family has been sick with this crud that's going around. The weird thing is that I feel WORSE today than I did a week ago.

What's up with that?

Fever, throbbing headaches, chills and sweats, sneezing, sore throat and chest congestion.
Sounds like a garden variety head cold, right?
Then WHY won't it GO AWAY???

I'm sorry to whine and moan, but I have too much to do to be sick.
Hillsong United concert is Tuesday night and I would have to be in the ER to miss that.

I need to go with Carole to paint the "clothing boutique" at the NEW BRDC (Winbourn). I am trying to call nursery volunteers and get them scheduled. I'm designing the Thanksgiving meal menus for the Thanksgiving outreach. I'm scheduled to work nursery tonight and tomorrow and there are so many nursery workers out sick that I cannot possibly call in myself. I am praying that no one catches what I have, but after 13 days I find it highly unlikely that I am still contagious.
This weekend is the Miracle Offering, so we will be busy. And tomorrow night is our annual FALL FEST which my kids have been looking forward to for a month.

You may think I'm crazy, but I started putting up my Christmas decorations last night. I'm hoping to get the tree up and decorated by Monday. =)
Seriously, this is for my own sanity.
I've got Elevate Finals in a month and I know that as the date draws near, the LAST thing I'm gonna want to do is hang holly and ornaments.
As soon as I get everything up, I will post some pics.

In the meantime, please say a prayer that I would shake this and that my family can get WELL.
For that matter, say a prayer for my whole church because it seems like everyone I know is sick right now!

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joyce said...

Goodness lady you ARE busy! Get well soon. I will say a prayer for you all. Get them lights up if nothing else. HA!