23 January 2008

Diet Motivation =)

Since my good friend, Carole, is forever posting old pics of herself on her blog (which I love, btw!), I thought I would do the same...
I found these old photos of myself the other day & have decided to make them my MOTIVATION to stay on track!
Yeah, I'd settle for this. ROFL
Bring on the 80's big hair!

One more for good measure:

There: now I have a "permanent reminder" to come back to whenever those carbs start calling my name... I find these pics to be HIGHLY motivational. LOL
Ok, and probably a bit unrealistic. I am considerably older now (38), but I'll take all the help I can get.
I have gone back to the way of eating that seems to work best for me:
My body and my diabetes just respond best to it.
I know, I know... some people are highly opposed to it, but I have done EXTENSIVE research on this subject. The logic and science behind low-carbing is actually very convincing.
And YES, we do eat vegetables!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is *not* the Atkins of the 70's, people.

I have posted my updated bio at the awesome website: www.lowcarbeating.com
where I have been a moderator (off and on) for a number of years.
You can read my story here: MY BIO
If you would like more information or sources about the benefits of this way of eating, you can check out the wonderful information available at the website above.
Ok... I'm headed to the gym.


FeatherIron said...

You go girl!

Joyce said...

Haaaaang in there Summer...you can do it!