07 February 2008

I've Traveled to the Year 3000...

And if you are a parent of a teen or pre-teen, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

I have had that song stuck in my head for about 3 days.
On Monday -- despite feeling horrible and coughing my head off -- I took my middle daughter to see the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus 3-D Concert Movie (with guest appearance by the Jonas Bros.).
I have to say (even in my Day-Quil-induced semi-conscious state) that I really enjoyed it!
No, really!
I did.

I was just talking to my very good friend, Shawn, and we were remembering back... we didn't have any *positive* secular music influences when we were kids. I mean, there was good music, but it was a choice between adult disco or rock, kiddie music (think soundtrack to Mary Poppins), Gospel, or Dolly Parton Country.
I LOVE that my kids have Miley Cyrus & the Jonas Brothers to listen to in addition to Hillsong and Sara Groves and Tammy Trent.
I don't WANT my kids to know who Britney Spears or the Pussycat Dolls are.
It's not like I'm depriving them of exposure to great music or anything... LOL

Of course, I grew up listening to Pat Benetar, Jethro Tull, The Moody Blues, Queen, Pink Floyd, The Carpenters, and Peter Frampton.
Later, I graduated to the likes of U2, Boston, Kansas, R.E.M., (pre-freak)Michael Jackson and R.E.O. Speedwagon.
But none of those are really suitable for the pre-teen set, so it's nice to know my kids have something to listen to that doesn't include words like, "Aqualung." (no offense)

All in all, I thought it was a pretty cute concert/movie -- and certainly MUCH better than having to endure the crowd and noise of the real thing -- but I'll admit I'm more jazzed about the preview for the upcoming U2-3D concert movie, set for wide release in IMAX theaters on February 15th!


Lesley said...

You rock Summer!

I remember when I was a young teenager... my mom was brave enough to take us to see Rick Springfield in concert!! An arena filled with teenage girls squealing to the top of their lungs... my poor mom! That should be enough to qualify her for "sainthood!"

Like you Summer, when I was a kid, I didn't really know about Christian music. I'm a fairly "new" christian today so I'm still not even sure how long it has been around. BUT THANK GOD THAT IT IS!! That's pretty much what we listen to these days. My heart could just pop when I hear my boys singing "Take It All", "I Can Only Imagine", "Mighty to Save" or any other of the hundreds of songs they have learned!

Thankfully, they don't know any of the "popular music" that is out these days ... no Brittany Spears, Black-Eyed-Peas, or any of the other filth out there!

My oldest son, Lane, is on the worship team at KIA and he loves it!! YEEEAAAAHHHHHH!!

Keep being a fun, responsible Mom ... they love you for it now, and they will continue to love you for it later!!!

Lesley :-)

Aleica "Red" said...

I know what your talking about. I love Montana as much as my kids do! I have to edit their radio experience. We usually listen to CDs, but when we listen to the radio, I have to change the channel a lot. Funny thing is they hear it elsewhere. One of Destiny's favorite songs is Soldier Boy. Ha! Yikes... Then again, my teenage years were full of Tupac, 311, Bone Thugs n Harmony and others. It goes back to what you posted to me... "Train a child..." My parents raised me right and I knew the stuff in those songs wasn't something I needed. I knew what was right and wrong. I just liked the music. Still do (only when I am w/o kids in the car!)

Oh, the girls are still mad at me for missing the Hannah Montana Concert. Oops