20 March 2008

Beautiful Friendships...

Tuesday night was "MNO" (Moms' Night Out) for myself and some great friends...
These are some truly beautiful ladies with hearts of gold and I feel honored to know them.

Alison hosted us at her house and fed us some of the yummiest sandwich wraps I've ever had.
Monette -- my "soul sista" joined us, too, even tho she was leaving the next day for a week-long vacation (I would be in a total panic by this point!).
And Jennifer (who used to be our neighbor) was in town for a short visit -- we miss her SO much!!

The evening was spent catching up with each other, discussing children, husbands, diets, and trying to convince Jennifer that she and Dave REALLY need to move back... (did it work, Jenn?)

Jennifer, Me, Monette, & Alison
(hmmm... I'm the only brunette!)

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Anonymous said...

Awwww .... what sweet things you had to say about the Old World Mom's group. This is a great pic of us .... not bad for mom's of our age .. lol. I feel really blessed to have a circle of such wonderful friends.

Luv u,
Alison :)