07 March 2008

Blogging Blues =/

Yes, I know it has been 5 days since my last post.
I'm sorry; I truly am.

Sometimes life gets SO busy and hectic that I hardly have time to catch my breath.
This has been one of those weeks.
The irony is that I never stop THINKING about blogging.
Even when I can't get here every day to write, I'm constantly blogging in my head.
I realize that doesn't help you -- my loyal readers -- one bit, but I just wanted you to know that I haven't abandoned you!

Sooo many things to blog about, but I always feel like if I can't spend an adequate amount of time writing about the subject then I shouldn't write at all. So all these great blog ideas just float in and back out of my brain because I can't find the time to formulate a reasonable thought.

Things I wanted to blog about this week, but didn't:

*The awesome impact of last week's message by guest speaker, Craig Groeschel
*Hillary's win in Ohio and Texas (meh), Obama's disappointing results (sigh) and Huckabee's leaving the race (wahhh).
*A shout-out to my new blog addiction: Ragamuffinsoul ; this guy is a trip. And his wife is really cool, too. Their blogs always leave me laughing or thinking -- 2 of my favorite things. =)
*Senseless gang shootings in L.A. -- time to watch Boyz N the Hood & Dangerous Minds again: Two movies everyone should watch (be warned; there is a fair amount of language in both)
*The joys of LASER TAG and why EVERY person over the age of 30 should try it at least once!
*My on-going antipathy toward pseudo-intellectuals who think they are smarter than everyone around them, but never bother to find out the least bit about the very people they scorn.

See what you missed out on?

1 comment:

Lesley said...


I'm so glad to hear that I am not alone!! There must be at least 5 times daily that I think "I need to blog about that!" But somehow in the daily chaos that is my life, I don't seem to find the time to sit still at the computer for long enough to actually blog! Gggrrrrrrrr it's so frustrating!

One day I'm gonna be like Carole, and blog EVERY day!! How she finds time to do it with her extremely on-the-go life ... I'll never know! She rocks!

I love your blog Summer! Your writing skills are awesome! So, even if you only get to blog every 5 days, it's worth the wait!!

Lesley :-)