28 January 2009

Is It Wednesday Already???

Where has this week gone?
I want it back!

I seriously feel like I have had my ear glued to a phone for the past 3 days. The laundry is done, but that's about it. I have been completely swamped tying up loose ends from before I left town and trying to get ahead on things I will have to complete before I leave town again.

And this dreary weather's not helping to motivate me, either.

The next couple of weeks are going to be crazy busy & loads of fun (no I'm not being sarcastic... well, not entirely).
My first life group meets tomorrow night, for the 8th time, and my second group meets next week. Since the first meeting of my second group (confused yet?) on Sunday night, I have had 5 ladies contact me wanting to join.
This is great news, but now I must find time to meet with these ladies, either individually or as a small group, to bring them up to speed so the second meeting will make sense to them.
Ok, that paragraph gave even me a headache!

This weekend is hopefully going to be a MAJOR house-cleaning and eBay-listing weekend! I have to get a LOT listed before the stupid short-sighted CPSIA law goes into effect.

On top of that, 2 of my 3 children have their final games for Upward Basketball and I have a dinner to go to on Sunday afternoon, followed by (of course) Super Bowl Sunday night!

There's nothing I would cut out of this line-up, but it does make me tired just thinking about it.
I'm the kind of person who can become overwhelmed to the point of inactivity when faced with so many demands. I'm immobilized with indecision.
Well, that's my story anyway, and I'm sticking to it!

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