04 January 2009

Wait... What?

Ahhh... the pressure of a New Year's first post.

How can it be January already??? I haven't even finished my Christmas decorating!

I know several of my blog-happy friends (you know who you are) have done elaborate, well-thought-out, end-of-08 posts on their blogs, but I just can't seem to get there.

Don't get me wrong; I'm VERY excited about the coming year & I have so many thoughts and ideas going through my head. It's getting them down on paper (blog?) that I'm having a bit of trouble with.

For me, the turning of this year feels like I am holding my breath. There is an anticipation for something I can't quite grasp enough to speak aloud. There is such a HOPE in my heart for so many things & more than a hint of PROMISE of those hopes to be realized.

I know some of you will understand what I mean
(not just those who are heavily medicated).

It's like telling your wish just after you've blown out the candles.
It's like KNOWING that the coin in the wishing well really will pay off.
It's the excitement every child feels on the morning before a big vacation...

Can you feel it?

What are you hoping for this year?
You DO know it's 2009, right?


Carole Turner said...

2009 is going to be exciting for us, to say the least!

Ruth said...

I can relate. I always feel such anticipation right at the end of the year. But then the first week of the year is sort of a letdown! Now that we're into the second week, I"m getting going again and ready to take advantage of that new year's momentum!