11 March 2009

Day 3 -- EPCOT (Front)

Day 3 (Monday) was also still quite chilly. And the wind was fierce! It was so bad, I stopped and bought a sweatshirt on my way into the park because I didn't have a jacket or anything.

We decided to focus most of our energy this day on "Future World" aka: the "front part" of EPCOT. We did all the fun stuff: Spaceship Earth (the big ball), Test Track, Mission: Space, and Soarin'... and last, but not least, Raisha's personal favorite: NEMO & Friends!

Here is Natasha, being a "snack" -- for Bruce, the shark.

Raisha, hangin' out with the sharks...

After lunch, we did our old, standby -- "Living With the Land" which features some pretty remarkable gardening! Check out these 9-pound lemons!

Even though we were focusing on the front half of EPCOT, we did make a quick trip to the Norway Pavilion -- our favorite in the World Showcase.
Here, we are riding the "Maelstrom"
("It's very gentle.")
Ask me about this.

Natasha & Raisha trying to look fearsome, but coming off as mostly cute.

Viking Raisha!
Be afraid; be very afraid!
Seriously, she had a complete meltdown about 2 minutes after this was taken!

Later that evening (after we recovered from the meltdown by riding the Mexico "Three Caballeros" ride about 12 times), Raisha was dressed up & we were headed to Akershus @ the Norway Pavilion for a dinner with the Princesses!

We got to see: Jasmine, and Beauty, and Ariel, and Belle, and of course, Raisha's favorite:

Raisha & Belle

We left the park just as the last fireworks were exploding in the air and made our way back to the front gates along with the 10,000 other lemmings park guests.

That night we were completely wiped out & vowed to take it slower the next day.
Yeah, right.

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