09 March 2009

Post-Disney Blues...


That's the way we all feel right now... I'm sure part of it is the extreme exhaustion that sets in from a week of non-stop park-hopping. But a lot of it is a feeling of utter deflation after the excitement and anticipation of the past few weeks.
Add to that this cold/flu bug we seem to have picked up and you get the way I'm feeling right now:

To help boost my mood a bit (and because I have absolutely NO energy to do anything more productive), I have spent the past 2 days editing photos from the trip and uploading them to my Walgreens account.

I have decided to post a day-by-day account of our trip here, seeing how I never actually got around to blogging while we were there.
So, sit tight... I'll be back in a bit to post DAY 1, complete with pictures.

But first, I need to find an IV bolus of coffee.

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