17 June 2009

Raisha's (EXTREMELY) Belated Birthday Party!

If you read my last post, case in point:

My youngest daughter's birthday was at the end of March. It's mid-June.
Yeah, that's what kind of season it's been... I don't think I've ever been this late with the parties, but sadly, all 3 will be late this year.

Sunday evening we held Raisha's 5th Birthday party here at the house. She wanted a
"Wall-E" party so I made Wall-E and Eva cakes. There was a spaceship space-walk for the little kids and older kids got to swim. To top it off, we had a pinata shaped like a star! It was hotter than blazes, but still lots of fun.
Here are some pics from the night:


The Birthday Girl

Family & Friends!

Make a Wish!

Abel about to smack the pinata!

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