21 August 2009

Not My Gifting...

I can cook and I make pretty cool cakes.
I can write and I'm a fast reader.
And I can organize -- other people's spaces (apparently NOT my own).
But there is one thing that I have not been gifted to do.

Actually, there are a lot of things that are not "my gifting."

I can't sing.
I can't dance.
And I can't paint.
Even when I try reallllly hard and I'm oh, so careful and tape around everything and take my time... it still ends up looking like a preschooler did it.
Painting is not one of my gifts, but that's ok, 'cuz I've got Carole!

My friend -- over at the Wardrobe & the White Tree -- she knows how to paint!
And do you know what's really sickening?
She doesn't even have to tape off first!

Seriously, if you live in the Baton Rouge area and you need something painted (interior, exterior, furniture, etc.), she is the person to call! Check out her video of some of the things she's painted:
She'll Paint ANYTHING.

Look what she did for me:


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Carole Turner said...

Thanks Summer!! Love you!