04 September 2009

Taken and Trade(d)

Just because you choose not to see
does not mean it's not there.
Just because you cover your ears or
look the other way, does not alter reality one bit.

And reality is this:
Slavery is worse (and more widespread) today than it ever was before in history... even during the peak of African slave trading a few hundred years ago.
And it has nothing to do with race.

Women, teenagers, children, even young boys -- of every race, color, and nationality -- are being forced into the sex trade industry every day.
But most of us choose to look the other way.

Worldwide estimates for human trafficking are near the 4,000,000 person mark.
Four MILLION people who are being abducted, or traded for drugs or money, and who are now trapped in a living nightmare from which they cannot escape.
4 Million.
If we're not seeing it, it's because we're not looking.

We don't want to know.
It's not convenient for us to know.
We'd rather sit in our safe, middle class, comfort zones and stress about things like gas prices and whether or not we can afford a trip to Disney World. We follow celebrity stories on E or online, hungry for the drama therein; meanwhile, real drama is going on right in our own town, perhaps even right down the street.

To refuse to see or know that human trafficking is taking place makes us, on some level, complicit in the crime itself. I'm not saying that you have to become the next James Bond or join the CIA, but there are things we can ALL do to help bring justice and freedom to these victims of slavery. There are organizations like CYRUS, INT'L and A21 which you can join & support and through which you can educate yourself.

I challenge you to open your eyes and see what is going on right in front of you.
Rent these 2 movies: TAKEN (staring Liam Neeson) and TRADE (starring Kevin Klein).
Take a stand.
Raise awareness.
There's a new abolition movement and it's going to take every ounce of humanity for it to succeed.
Watch these movies & talk about them with your family and your friends.

I dare you.

*Please note: the two films mentioned above are very disturbing and (especially Trade) are very graphic. Even so, they are important films and need to be seen. Do not watch them with children present.

Carole has written an amazing post about this topic over at her blog: Check it out

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Anonymous said...

I hate dares; but I do know that Slavery is alive and Satan thinks he is winning. Praise be to God who gave His life. God loves each precious person. He created them...each one precious in His sight ([hums] Yes, Jesus Loves Me)

Oh, that we have YOUR eyes Lord.