29 October 2009

Turning 40 ---{-@

Forty years ago tomorrow... I was (finally) born.
I say "finally" because my mother had the joy of carrying me 11 months.

Yeah, you read that right.

No, I'm not joking and that's no lie.

At first, the doctors thought they had made a terrible mistake in calculating her due date, but when I was only hours old, I was lifting my head (while on my stomach!) and looking around the room. I was definitely "late," of that, they were sure. But could I really be 2 whole months late??
Back then, they did not induce like they do now.
But my original due date was for the end of August and I was born the day before Halloween!

My grandmother came half-way around the world to be present at my birth.
She patiently waited for 2 months and then her visa ran out and she had to fly back home.
And so, my mother waited... and waited... and waited.
I'm sure she was wondering if I was EVER going to make an appearance!

When my mother became pregnant with my younger sister, her due date was for late September. Her doctor, still not fully convinced my due date was in error, jokingly gave my mom a 2nd due date... for late November.
My sister was born on November 29th.

As for turning 40, I only have one thing to say: Ptttthhhh!
And: At least I'm not as old as the Internet.
It turned 40 today.
Happy Birthday Al Gore. (Ha)

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