02 November 2009

This Little Piggy... Went Straight to Bed!

I have Swine Flu.

Ok, we don't know for *sure* that it's H1N1 because nobody's testing around here anymore. They diagnose based on symptoms.
I guess if you feel like yesterday's leftover cat vomit, that's enough to diagnose you.

Oh, and the fact that I've been sick for 9 straight days.
My symptoms:
*100 degree fever -- my friend in nursing school told me that, contrary to popular belief, they are seeing cases of H1N1 without the super-high fevers.
*Body aches
*Sneezing/sniffly nose
*And a cough that just won't quit.
It's now turned into bronchitis as well.
Yeah, fun.

Quite frankly, I'm somewhat relieved.
It's always better to get the fear out of the way quickly and replace it with reality.
And I would much rather gain immunity this way than through a shot which may, or may not, work.
In any event, I will be spending the next few days rolling in the mud and rooting for truffles in bed playing on my new laptop. =)


Glenn said...

Sounds like that nasty old 'seasonal flu' you got! hope you get over it soon, Glenn and Maggie!

HerstoryGirl said...

Actually, they said they are not even seeing "seasonal flu" yet. It's too early for our state. I believe them. I've had seasonal flu and this is way worse. Finally starting to feel better though! =)

Lisa Mae said...

Hope you feel well soon. Know that I am a prayer warrior and you are definitely covered... I love you and your great smile cannot wait to chat again.

Shannon M. said...

Hope you're feeling better now!