24 May 2008

The Long and Winding Week...

Yeah, I know; Another sparse blogging week for me... Will things EVER slow down??

We are in the middle of a refinance on our home.

My oldest daughter, Nadia, has some mysterious illness that the doctors can't figure out.

We are TRYING to rework/replant our courtyard, but it KEEPS RAINING AND MESSING EVERYTHING UP!!!!

This weekend is GRADUATION Weekend for Elevate/Healing Place School of Ministry, as well as the huge Memorial Day Celebration at our church.

A dear friend of mine just had major surgery and another dear friend is having a birthday (the party is being held at my house).

So, things have been a tad hectic, but it all seems to be winding down now... at least, I hope so! I'm SOOOO ready for a relaxing summer break. Last summer went by so fast, I never felt like I slowed down! I'm determined to not make that mistake again.
More soon,
Summer =)

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The Maggio Family said...

okay, next time you see me, lets talk about elevate!!!