29 July 2008


If you have 15 minutes to spare, you need to get somewhere alone and watch these.
The power of these 2 videos is beyond human comprehension.
We all need to be healed of something.
And nothing is impossible...

First watch this: (story behind the song)

Then watch this:


Lesley said...

Hey Summer!

When you get a minute pop over to my blog to see something I just posted!!

Lesley :-)

Seeker of the Truth said...

Thanks for that.

Joyce said...

Miss Priss told me about that video after Refuge one Wed. night so I pulled it up and watched it.
Very powerful.

Lesley said...

I just had a chance to watch these beautiful songs. I am in awe ... such faith, such hope, such raw passion for our Father! That song has always really gotten to me... but it will take on an even greater meaning to me now.

Thank you Summer for sharing this with us... what a challenge to all of us. To hold on to Him with such strength in our darkest days. Thank you.