22 January 2010

How Can You Help?

Tying in to my last blog post, I wanted to offer some great info and website links for anyone who wants more information about the Haiti relief efforts. I know many people feel like there is nothing they can really do (see my previous post) and others feel overwhelmed by the enormity of it all. So, here are some places you can start:

HPC HAITI RELIEF EFFORT -- Healing Place Church has partnered with several organizations (including Samaritan's Purse) and local doctors (Dr. Greene, et., al) to bring medical supplies and equipment, and medical support to the nation of Haiti. Some of our teams have been working around the clock to help in the effort. Find out what you can do here.

DINO RIZZO's BLOG-- Lead Pastor of Healing Place Church -- Pastor Dino is posting, regularly, about the progress in Haiti. Learn more about actual events taking place on the ground in Port Au Prince.

If you are medically trained personnel and you want to offer your services:
EMAIL: br2haiti@gmail.com
CALL: 225.802.9941
Check out: http://docs4haiti.org

Or to follow our very own Dr. Greene as he tweets from Haiti:
Go to: www.twitter.com/thegreeneteam

Important Blog for regular updates & posted needs:
Shaun King

If you want to help the ORPHANS of Haiti: RAINBOWKIDS.COM

Great blog post by my friend Carole Turner: So You Want to Adopt One of the Orphans In Haiti?


And don't forget... KEEP PRAYING! There's more to be done and the work is far from over.
The rest of the world will soon grow bored with this relief effort. It will no longer be front-page news or "popular activism," but we have to persevere for the people of Haiti.

We are the body of Christ and thus, must be the hands of God.

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