19 January 2010

Praying for Haiti

There have been so many great posts written about the horrible tragedy that happened just 1 week ago... I seriously considered not writing anything because I didn't want to be perceived as "jumping on the bandwagon."
That said, this whole situation has touched me and my heart is breaking for the people of this impoverished nation.

Last night Healing Place Church joined with 30 other churches -- live & online -- for a special prayer gathering for Haiti.
As anyone who has lived through something awful may know, sometimes a tragedy can end in victory.
This is my prayer for Haiti.

This tiny, island nation has lived with, and through, so much... the level of poverty there is beyond comprehension.
Like their problems before the earthquake struck, Haiti's current predicament can seem so overwhelming... people begin to feel there is nothing they can really do.

Do not be deceived; PRAYER WORKS and we have seen that, firsthand, from our own experiences with tragedy here in Louisiana. So if you think you have nothing to offer... and little to give... just pray.

Pray for the people who are suffering like never before.
Pray for the volunteers who are exhausted and hungry and overwhelmed by the need.
Pray for supplies to be plentiful & to reach their intended destinations.
Pray for an end to the looting and lawlessness.
Pray that God's love and peace would settle on this tiny island nation and that this place once known mostly for voodoo, would become a triumphant nation of hope in Christ.

And when the cause begins to fade and it's no longer cool or popular to support the efforts there... keep praying because that's when they'll need it most.

For more information on how you can help, go HERE.


Lesley said...

This catastrophic situation in Haiti has wrecked me. I have often prayed for God to break my heart for what breaks His. And while, on several occassions, I have felt very sad for this or that... nothing has really wrecked me. Until Haiti was struck by this earthquake.

I have been spending hours upon hours upon hours trying to help people by working with Shaun King, and we've had amazing success... God's favor and grace are pouring down on everyone helping. What at first appear to be mountains are being MOVED. "Faith the size of a mustard seed..." I spend A LOT praying for anyone/everyone involved in Haiti.

It seems to people that everything with me is fine on the outside because I continue to go through my day to day routine. But my heart is IN Haiti. My prayers are IN Haiti. My thoughts are IN Haiti. I want to be IN Haiti.

God has finally broken my heart for what breaks His... Haiti.

Right now, I WANT to go to Haiti. However, this is nothing to make a quick, emotional decision about. I am spending time in prayer to discern if I am indeed being CALLED to go, or if it is just an emotional response. I really feel like I am being called...but only time will tell.

Please everyone, continue to pray for the AMAZING, STRONG, BEAUTIFUL people of Haiti. They are suffering in such a way that is unimaginable. It is a suffering do intense and deep and so heavy, that we can not even begin to understand.

I love your posts about Haiti, Summer. And, I love YOU.

HerstoryGirl said...

Sweet Lesley, I can completely understand what you are feeling... I don't think a few years ago would have been able to relate, but God has done the same thing with my heart regarding human trafficking. And now, human trafficking and Haiti are intertwined... I was SICK to hear about children being abducted from hospitals there.

I know how much your heart breaks for Haiti and I think you are doing a lot of good here... I will be praying for you in your decision. Love you, too, friend!