11 January 2010

What Do You See?

...when you look around?
Whether you want to see it or not, it's there.
Whether we want to believe it or not, it's an enormous problem and it's growing every day.

The United States is one of the worst -- and fastest growing -- countries for the horrendous (but very profitable) crime of human trafficking.
Ask most Americans and they will tell you that human trafficking is a problem of Third World nations like Cambodia, Thailand, or India.

Tell them it's happening here and they will scoff.
Tell them it's very likely happening in their own neighborhood or city and you will leave them speechless.

No one wants to think such a horrible thing could be happening right under their very nose, but that is exactly what is going on... Camouflaged by "freedom of expression," liberal views regarding sex, and casual attitudes toward the sex industry, women, men, and children are being bought and sold right here on American soil.

TODAY is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day & this is a call to arms.
TODAY you can arm yourself with knowledge and then help to empower those whose basic freedoms have been stolen away.
TODAY you can choose to get involved and actually DO something.
Or you can simply look the other way.


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