21 December 2007

As Promised...

I forgot to post a pic of my Christmas tree. Here it is...
It's about 9 feet tall and very full so it takes us a good day or two to get it up and decorated.

Clay and I aren't allowed to have a real tree anymore. The first year we were married we had a little, live, "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree.
We, um, well.... We forgot to water it.
After about 3 weeks, it was getting pretty crispy. I still have a scar from when I walked past and received a laceration from one of its branches.
About a week before Christmas, we noticed a slight hint of smoke coming from the tree. We immediately unplugged the lights and thus avoided any catastrophe, but ever since, we have resigned ourselves to using an artificial tree.
Plus, it's jut better for the environment, right? =)

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FeatherIron said...

I love the effects you did on this picture! It looks like a cartoon drawing.