14 December 2007

God Is Not a Republican...

And neither is He a Democrat.

But I am constantly amazed at the number of Christians who will fight to the proverbial death, declaring He is one or the other (usually the former rather than the latter).
I don't believe that God thinks *politics* are all that important anyway and I'm pretty sure He doesn't care for the way we sling around our points of view as though we are spouting His Gospel.

The fact is, political stance is NOT a SALVATION ISSUE.

Do I need to
repeat that???
Seriously, I think some of my acquaintances would disown me if they new my true political leanings.
No, that's not a fence-rider; it's someone who actually thinks and considers each issue and each candidate and doesn't just cast a partisan vote.
I know many Christians who would question my sanctification should they find out that I once campaigned for Pres. Bill Clinton. And some of my Democrat friends would gasp in horror if they found out I voted for George W. Bush. What I don't get is why they think they have a say in how I vote at all.

Typical of Americans, we often take for granted our
freedom to vote as we choose and to express our political differences. In MANY countries of the world (and I'm not naming names), political dissidence is grounds for imprisonment or even execution.
And while I might not agree with everything you say regarding your political beliefs, I would fight to the death for your right to say them.

Yes, I admittedly have some regrets in my voting record -- not for my decision in voting -- but for the person(s) whom I feel have let America down in so many ways. Take that however you want.

One thing I cannot do, however is base my decision on whether or not I think that candidate is TRULY a Christian. Seriously, I don't have the audacity to pretend that I am privy to such personal information as that is completely between that person and the Lord.
Some very bright, well-meaning Christians have asked me to do just that:
"But can't you tell by their past behavior? Can't you judge a tree by its fruit?"
I have given this a lot of thought since that conversation and I think
if that were true, I'm sure there are moments -- whole days even -- when observers would question MY faith. Indeed, there are a LOT of great, Godly leaders who would be considered "bad fruit" if judged only by their faults:
*David had an affair with Bathsheba and then had her husband murdered.

*Moses killed another man (an Egyptian) in a fit of rage.

*Noah got stinking drunk not long after God spared his life on the ark.

Am I disparaging these great men of the Bible? No, because I don't judge the extent of their lives by their moments of human frailty. Shouldn't we use the same measure of grace that God has extended to US when weighing the faults of those seeking public office?
This is not to say that we should turn a blind eye to an immoral lifestyle. Indeed, we should pray fervently over our decisions and we should consider ALL of the available information before making up our minds.
Ultimately, my point is this:
Stop using God as your political endorsement.

It's disrespectful to Him and it's awfully presumptuous of you.

Give people the RESPECT and the FREEDOM to make up their own minds.
And then let God take care of the rest.
He is more than capable.


FeatherIron said...

Preach it sister!!!

Shawn Wilson said...

Come on Sista!!!! Rock out!!! Maybe you should run for the BIG P Job? I would vote for you!! You Rock!! Great Blog