09 August 2008

I Blog Your Pardon?!

Ok, so I have been mulling this over for a few hours... On one of my favorite blogs, WhittakerWoman, someone (seemingly helpfully) pointed out Heather's frequent grammar and spelling mistakes posted on her blog.

Now, in all fairness, I will admit that I am one of those grammar nuts that notices every spelling error and grammar mistake I encounter. I subconsciously edit everything I read (in my head).
I have always been this way.
Ask my mom.
I used to drive her crazy with it.
That said, now that I am an adult, I would NEVER publicly correct another adult's grammar, spelling, or punctuation.
It's condescending and it's rude.

Even "Miss Manners" states in her writings that it is one thing to commit a faux pas, and quite another to publicly correct one. She considers the latter to be a far worse offense than the former.

But this (seemingly helpful) comment got me to thinking...

Do we really have a right to "edit" or "correct" anyones blog, ever??

This is not the first time I have encountered this. It's actually a rather common phenomenon on several blogs I read:
Someone reading another person's private thoughts and musings takes it upon themselves to point out the blogger's mistakes.
Or correct their parenting style.
Or make snide comments about their lifestyle choices (Christian vs. Atheist, for example).

If someone allowed you to read a portion of their diary, would you correct that, too?

I know, I know, "They put it out there to read (publicly) so they should accept the criticism." or "No one forced them to discuss their personal beliefs online, but since they have, it must be an open invitation to dispute them."

Uh, NO.

How about this: why don't YOU write a blog -- put yourself out there for all the world to behold -- and see how YOU like it when someone starts critiquing you?

Doesn't blog etiquette dictate that we "move along" if we don't care for what is written on the page we are viewing?
Why do some people feel compelled to openly criticize others in a public forum? Is this a form of narcissistic preening?

I don't know.
Maybe I'm too sensitive on this issue.
What do you think?
Is it really OK to critique another person's blog?

DISCLAIMER: Lest any obsessive-compulsive, grammar-loving lurkers are reading this, I am fully aware that my posts are sometimes filled with misspellings and grammatical errors, despite my own OCD nature for correcting them. But I'm a very busy mom with 3 kids and I don't always have time to proof before I post, so cut me some slack, k?


Shawn Wilson said...

um...I TOTALLY AGREE!!!!! I have some many people talk crap email junk about what I have to say....of course I like open conversation but sometimes people are just rude. By the way you misspelled.....nevermind. :)

Lesley said...

You took the exact thoughts and words out of my mouth! When I read that post on Heather's blog I almost fainted. As always, she handled herself perfectly!!

I must confess. I, too, am one of those people who cringes when I hear grammar errors, or when I see words spelled incorrectly. HOWEVER... unless the mistakes are made my by my children, I do not correct them. It would just be plain rude!!

None of us here in BlogLand are perfect and every single one of us has made grammatical or spelling errors from time to time. That in no way gives anyone the right to come to my blog and correct me and/or criticize me. No one in BlogLand is any better than anyone else. It reminds me of the kid at school who thinks they are better than everyone else, and will point out other peoples "imperfections" every chance they get.

It's just another example of those people who habitually try to make themselves look better but making other people look bad. That is a phenomenon that makes my stomach turn... in "real life" as well as here in the blog world!!!

As always Summer... I loved this post!!!

Wendy Lucio said...

I couldn't agree more!!!! I hope this woman NEVER reads my blog. It would send her into full on cardic arrest I'm sure!

Kudos to Heather for handling herself so well and Kudos to you for standing up for someone!

Love ya girl!

FeatherIron said...

Excellently put Summer. Any grammer person would have a field day with my blog!

The Maggio Family said...

You guys are funny!

Julie G said...

Well said, Summer!


Wellz Done! Power to the those of us who misspell and lack in proper grammatical training!