15 August 2008

S - E - R - V - O - L - U - T - I - O - N


So, I clicked on the Servolution website to get a new link for this blog entry & this is what I see!
It's my oldest daughter, Nadia, from last year's SERVOLUTION!
How cool is that?

Last year, Nadia and I had the privilege of doing manicures at the inner city block party. Tomorrow, we will go to the battered women's shelter and do a little pampering on the ladies and a bit of cleaning on the shelter.
We are SO excited to be a part of this amazing experience once more!

This will be the second, annual "Servolution" for
Healing Place Church -- a term coined by our very own Pastor Dino Rizzo.

So, WHAT is a servolution, you ask?
Think HUNDREDS (maybe a thousand this year??) of volunteers -- all in RED "Serve" shirts -- dishing up some love to the Greater Baton Rouge area.

There will be block parties and car washes and free water bottles handed out on street corners.
Some of us will visit hospitals and give snacks and cold drinks to the staff.
Many will visit local nursing homes & one group is going to make the local foster home sparkle!
Various groups will simply go from neighborhood to neighborhood in the inner city and "adopt-a-block" in which they pick up trash, mow lawns, do minor repairs, whatever they can to show love to the people on that block.
There will be grocery give-a-ways and free medical screenings and free dental care for the kids.
I could go on and on, but you get the picture.

I absolutely LOVE being a part of a church that does something like this!
Don't you think the WORLD could use a little

You can read about LAST YEAR'S Servolution
here and here.

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