27 April 2008


Whatever criticism you've heard about the movie:
EXPELLED -- No Intelligence Allowed
DON'T believe it.
You NEED to see this movie!!!

I cannot stress this enough.
Trust me, you will not be sorry.

I'm beginning to wonder if all of the critics have even WATCHED the movie or if they just assumed they already knew what it was about...
Indeed, the very critics who are yelling, "Propaganda!" are themselves guilty of such manipulation, for they have completely misled their readers as to what this film is about.

I'll tell you what it's NOT:
It's not a push for creationism to be taught in schools.
It's not religious "propaganda" forcing a God-centered view on the world.
And it's definitely NOT anti-scientific, pro-religious fluff.

If you thought or believed any of the above, I challenge you to go see this movie.

I think Ben Stein is very brave to speak out on this issue and NO MATTER where you stand on religion or creationism or Darwinism, this movie is important for every American, indeed, every person in our world.
Because it's about FREEDOM:
Freedom of Speech, Freedom of THOUGHT, Freedom for dissent.

EXPELLED is about the political and academic persecution of scientists and professors and journalists who dare to question the status quo. And this is going on in the very country which exists for the pursuit of FREEDOM!
How can we allow such persecution to go unchecked?

Highly educated, ivy-league scholars and scientists are being black-listed because they DARE to challenge the seemingly "absolute" authority of Darwinism. Indeed, these very scientists -- most of whom are NOT Christian, I might add, have lost a fundamental right that we Americans take for granted:

Freedom to explore ideas -- EVEN ideas that oppose the current, scientific "consensus..."
Ideas like, I don't know... say, HELIOCENTRIC THEORY.
Whaddaya know?!
Copernicus and Kepler and Galileo were ALL opposing the scientific "consensus" of their day!

Indeed, if Darwin, himself, were alive today... would HE even be able to present his ideas about evolution? After all, DARWIN was introducing ideas that directly opposed the scientific consensus of his day!
Have we learned nothing from history???

Wake up, America!
This is NOT about religion.
MOST of the scientists that Ben Stein talks to are either Jewish or agnostic.
This is NOT "fundamentalist, Christian propaganda" as much of the media would have you believe!
This is something that everyone who cares about FREE SPEECH, Free THOUGHT, and TRUE SCIENCE should be concerned about!

To those who have criticized my promotion of Expelled: If you just assume that it is propaganda, and refuse to see it based on YOUR pre-supposed (and erroneous) assumptions, then you are as closed-minded as the very people you claim to detest.

The REAL message of this movie is as important today as it was almost 250 years ago.
The repercussions for not challenging what is going on in science today can be seen in the history of Nazi Germany and even Soviet-controlled Berlin.

The REAL message of this movie is not to teach creationism in the classroom; the REAL message of this movie is for science to allow opposing arguments to the ideas of Darwinism; to allow the possibility that, IN FACT, Darwinism does NOT provide all the answers... indeed, it is full of MANY, MANY holes.

The REAL message of this movie is the quiet, but malignant persecution of scientists who are going against the "status quo" by saying,
"Hey, maybe we DON'T have it all figured out, after all!"
People who are willing to acknowledge that
is about constantly challenging what we know
and what we think we know.

People kind of like Copernicus.
And Kepler.
And Galileo.
And Aristotle.
And Newton.
And Darwin.
And Einstein....
Would today's scientists have tried to silence them, too?
One has to wonder...


Cindy62 said...

This is high on my list of "must see" movies - I believe that to surpress creative thought, not to be confused with "creationism" that is such a controversy for some people, is a big mistake. Where would we be today if all "new" ideas were suppressed and the people who dared to think them were ostracized? Can anyone say "Stone Age" or Dark Ages?" New ideas are always met with some resistance, as is most change. But we must not ignore the ideas, lest we condemn ourselves to never changing. Look at some of the wonderful things we have just because someone dared to "think beyond to norm!" Thanks for this eye-opening blog - I hope it inspires more people to go see this film and start thinking for themselves instead of always believing what others write we should believe about something. Cindy (also know as Summer's Mom)

The Maggio Family said...

Girl, dont know what I think about the whole movie thing- to be honest, I have never heard of the movie, so I'll leave that to the more passionate reader! I'm not much a movie watcher, but I have to tell you , the two cakes your husband got for his birthday look YUM. Your house looks just gorgeous. See ya Friday.

Seeker of the Truth said...

Exactly, Summer. I couldn't have said it better myself. I've seen the movie, and you are "spot on" here.

Amanda Freeny said...

Hi Summer! I have heard of the movie but did not know what it was about. I will definitely go see it. How are the girls? Are they taking piano? Tell them I said hello!

Take care,

Amanda Freeny

Lesley said...

Hey Summer!!

I hadn't heard of the movie either until I read your post, so I can't make an educated statement about it. (Most of what I see these days are kiddie movies, ugghhhhh!!)

BUT, what I can say is this ... I love your passion!! It seems to me that whether people agree with your position or not, they should at least respect your passion and the fact that you take the time to educate yourself so that you can come to an intelligent opinion on issues!! You definitely have the courage of your convictions, and to me that should be applauded!!!

You go girl!!!!
Lesley :-)

Sarah Andry said...

hey summer, i saw this movie twice now and i have to agree. EVERYONE SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE! i learned darwinism this semester in college-- and the teacher said "there are other theories out there like ID and Creationism, but we can't talk about those..." and that really made me upset.

The scariest thing is the fact that the majority of the scientists are starting to DOUBT evolution........

And the guy that thinks we piggybacked on crystals? Crazy...