27 April 2008


My Sweetie turned 46 today!
Happy Birthday, Clay!
We celebrated with some of our best friends and their kids last night, here at the house...

Cake #1 -- Ambrosia's Strawberry Whipping Cream Cake
Cake #2 -- Ambrosia's Chocolate w/White Buttercream --
YES, we had TWO cakes because originally there was going to be 7 more people and some of them were allergic to strawberries. But nobody's complaining; trust me.

Carole, Lorri, and Dean having a VERY animated conversation!

The sky finally cleared enough for the kids to swim in our FINALLY CLEAN pool!

Raisha & her Daddy... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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FeatherIron said...

Definatley going to see Expelled.

Clay's party was fun. I love that he was wrong about Alcohol content in wine :-0