20 April 2008

Worth Praying For

AMAZING message today!

This morning, Clay & I attended the HPC Annex campus so we could hear visiting Hillsong pastor, Zhenya Kasevich (from Kiev, Ukraine) speak and it was definitely a good decision!
If you ever have the opportunity to hear this very funny and right-on-the-money pastor, make the effort to do so.

His message this morning was on PRAYER and how most of us are *getting it wrong* so to speak.

He pointed out that MANY people spend their entire time in prayer asking God for what they NEED -- finances, health, transportation -- instead of what we should be praying for:

1) PRAY for God's SUPERNATURAL, not the "human natural." In other words, pray BIG -- pray for miracles. God loves to show up and show us His power and it's somewhat insulting when we always come to Him asking for the same, old, mundane things... It's time to ask God for a miracle in your life and then BELIEVE HIM to do it!

2) PRAY for NATIONS -- Get the focus off yourself and start praying for this world we are in. Pray for your neighbors, pray for the orphans, pray for Africa, pray for the world!
Psalm 2

3) PRAY for God's WORKERS -- not just those who are in the field now, but for MORE people to be willing to become workers for His Kingdom. This can be anything from witnessing to a co-worker, volunteering at a homeless shelter, or becoming a missionary. Pray for more workers and be willing to respond when the call is upon YOU.
Matthew 9:37-38

4) PRAY for those who PERSECUTE you. Yeah, yeah, yeah... it's the LAST thing we want to do when someone has treated us less than kind, but being obedient to this command will not only take the sting out of their "arrows," it will empower you with blessings beyond belief. You might not *feel* like doing it, but pray for them anyway.
Matthew 5:44

If we are obedient to pray for the things we ought, God will take care of the things we need. There's nothing wrong with petitioning the Lord for the things we need, but we should have the faith and trust to know that He will always provide them whether we ask for them or not.
Matthew 6:25-33
Pray outside of yourself.


GregJrsMom said...
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GregJrsMom said...

Wasn't it great?! I knew I wouldn't make it there Sunday and I wouldn't be able to watch it on the web, so I got myself there Saturday evening. I'm so glad I did. Of course, I'm always glad when I make it to chruch. :)


FeatherIron said...

Hey, that's some cool stuff!! Thanks for posting it.