03 December 2008

Computer Update

Sorry I left you hangin' like that.

I got my computer back on Sunday night.
Geek Squad only held it hostage for 8 1/2 days.

The bad news: It WAS the hard drive! DEFECTIVE! Again!
Seriously, what on earth is going on with Hewlett-Packard???

More bad news: My warranty made me get the hard drive replaced. No new Mac computer for me (well, not right now, at least). It's still my goal to own a Mac in the not-too-distant-future.

The GOOD NEWS is that they were able to extract ALL of my files and save them on to an external hard drive for me. So, all I've really lost is all my contact info.

Sooooo..... If you are reading this & you are friend or family... I have lost ALL of your contact info. Address, phone #s, & email.
Ok, well, I probably have your phone # in my iPhone, but I'm not going to call all 300 of you!
So, please shoot me a quick email & let me know your info & how you're doing.
I promise I'm not ignoring you.
Just ask the geeks.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

summer, i am not positive but i think you can store / backup files on you iphone just as data. you may want to do a few files, like your book, there just in case.....