11 December 2008

A Week of Christmas Miracles!!

What a week!

First of all (for those of you just dying to know):
We woke up this morning to a good 3 inches of snow on our house & yard!We knew last night that there was a good chance of snow, but no one thought it would stick. Even so, I woke up every hour from 2 AM, on, trying to get a glimpse of the snow (yes, I'm a little child like that). FINALLY around 5'ish, I saw flakes coming down with the rain! Before long, it was solid snow! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL -- HUGE, soft, white flakes coming down.
I went back to bed for a couple of hours & woke up to what you see above. =)
Yay God!
Earlier this week, I heard from my dear friend, DAWN that her son, Elijah's scans had come back CLEAN! This is a BIG answer to prayer! This family is near and dear to my heart; I love them so much.
This sweet, little boy has been battling neuroblastoma for several years now. I continue to be amazed at his strength and fortitude. I truly believe that his healing will become his testimony for God. He IS a Christmas miracle!

But that's not all!!
Remember these posts: Holding My Breath... & And Turning Blue... ??
Well.... (drum roll, please)
My friend, Carole, and her family have a new son from Ethiopia!!
I am SOOOO excited for them.

Even though Christmas is still a couple of weeks away, it feels like Christmas right now to me.
God bless us, every one.

Look! Our fake snowmen are covered in REAL snow!!


Carole Turner said...

ok, your house should win "best looking snow day house" It's beautiful!!!

Lesley said...

Hey Summer!!

I was completely blown away by the two miracles that occured on "Snow Day!" One of course was the fact that it snowed like that down here. I jokingly say that we had a BLIZZARD! LOL!!

The second was finding out that Carole and Dean are finally officially parents of a beautiful little boy from Ethiopia!!! What a huge blessing... the news of that literally moved me to tears. After so many months of so many people praying, God answered their prayers. It has truly been an honor to walk with them on this journey.

Oh, and I'm alive in the Blog World again! Thanks for checking on me and for being my friend!! Love ya!