11 November 2008

Holding My Breath

You know you really love someone when the things that happen to them elicits a physical response in yourself.

One of my bestest friends, Carole, is waiting on some very big news today & like her, I find myself edgy & anxious.
Carole & Dean are adopting a sweet, little boy from Ethiopia & today is their SECOND court date! Someone didn't show up at the first court date & it has delayed things even further.
They are waiting to hear if they will be approved & if so, they will travel mid-December to get him.

Truth be told, we ALL thought he would already be here by now.
But God sees the big picture & there may be a very good reason why it hasn't happened yet.
Even so, I want so bad for him to get here.
Carole & Dean are like family to us so we are incredibly excited about this new addition.

I know that today my friend is suffering, silently, while she tries to be patient & wait upon the Lord... and I just want her to know that I am holding my breath, too.

Please PRAY.


The Maggio Family said...

such a sad time.

FeatherIron said...

Thank you Summer. You are a great friend and your support and concern means so much.

I really am having a bad day today. I know it will be ok, I just am grieving yet ANOTHER delay and it hurts.

Thanks again. Your the best.