25 November 2008


Next week we are having a special Midnight Outreach.
The awesome Anne Jackson (FlowerDust to the blog world) will be joining us. I'm so excited to meet her! It's really great to have her join us on one of our most significant outreaches.

I will go next Wednesday and pick up the roses -- 100 long-stemmed, red roses -- to pass out to the ladies we encounter Thursday night.
I am thrilled to have been given this responsibility; the roses are symbolic of the message we want to send to these girls:
You are LOVED.
You are a daughter of the KING (and therefore, a Princess!).

To see the look in their eyes when we hand them the roses is priceless.
If they've never experienced our version of a "drive-by Jesus," they look at us incredulously, and with unguarded curiosity.

Who are you?
Why are you doing this?

We are Healing Place Church.
Because you are loved.

And you can see in their response -- by the look in their eyes -- that they just might believe you.
That is our hope anyway.

And that's what it means to be
"A Healing Place for a hurting world."


dan ohlerking said...

it is going to be a cool thing to have anne with us that whole day. and i'm excited that it's working out for her to go on the outreach that night. it's such a right thing to show love to the ladies like this. just to sow these seeds of hope is huge. thanks for the part you play on that team.

Anne Jackson said...

can't wait to be there!