15 November 2008

Do You SMELL That???

MMmmmmm.... You know what that smell is, don't you?

There is a fresh, crisp feel in the air tonight.
I think it's going to be a cold year for us in Looozeeana.

I love when the weather starts turning cooler.
When I was younger, I only liked summertime, but the older I get, the more I like Autumn.
Really, (besides friends & family) it's the only thing I REALLY miss about living in Arkansas.
Arkansas has GORGEOUS Autumns!
And EVERY winter holds at least the promise of snow!

So when the air starts smelling like this... I start to think of all the other fine scents we will be smelling soon:
  • *Steaming hot turkey & dressing
  • *Sweet pecan pie (YUM!)
  • *Popcorn & hot cocoa on chilly winter nights
  • *Smoky scents of fireplaces crackling
  • *Pine sap
  • *Holly & Mistletoe
  • *Christmas trees!
  • *Egg Nog (HUSH; I happen to like egg nog)

And the scent of PROMISE that is found in the approaching new year...

For now, I'm just content with the smell of it all.


sc said...

hi was suring and found that we had something in common Dangerous Mind is one of my favorite moves and the Ransom shirt you are wearing in your top pic. and the smells of the holidays i have already started my baking. s.

The Maggio Family said...

love the holidays--big family crowds, good food. just love it.