30 November 2008


For more than two weeks, I have been waiting to see the "70" pound mark on the scale.
I have been more careful with my eating and I have tried to not eat late at night.
But then God reminded me that HE is doing this, not me. And every time I try to retake control of my weight struggle, I will fail. So, I repented & gave it back to Him & just tried to be obedient in the things I know He wants me to do...

And you know what?
ON THANKSGIVING WEEKEND(!!!!) I stepped on the scale and saw that God had completely skipped over "MY" goal.
I have lost SEVENTY ONE pounds since February!
That is almost surreal for me... I have NEVER even come close to losing that much before -- no matter how strict or disciplined I tried to be!

Don't misunderstand me:
I am NOT suggesting that we should not strive to have self-control.
Self-control is a fruit of the Spirit and evidence of a faith-filled life.
But what I (and many like me) struggle with is not "self-control" (despite what the world assumes about us),but rather we lack Spirit control.

In the past, instead of using discipline to make me healthier, I have made it a religion of sorts.
I have made dieting and eating and food and exercise -- my "gods."
I have idolized the perfect number on the scale, the ideal body shape, society's idea of what "beautiful" should look like.
And none of that worked.
No matter how hard I tried, how disciplined I was, or how many diets I attempted: I never achieved success.

That is, until I quit trying to do it all myself.

What a lesson I have learned!
The same grace that is extended to us for our salvation, God offers us for EVERY failure in our life! For every weakness, for every trial, for every temptation: He is there to lift us up & guide us out of the mess in which we keep finding ourselves. What an amazing picture of His never-failing mercy and grace!

All that is truly required of me is obedience and faith.
And I see it so clearly now in 2 little numbers...

What are YOU believing God for?


The Maggio Family said...

that's amazing. good job girl.

shawn Wilson said...

Jezz girl your a loser!!! Get it? Loser? Nevermind. LOL Congrats!!