27 November 2008


Sleepy, exhausted, & content.
That pretty much describes how I'm feeling at the moment.

We hosted Thanksgiving dinner for some of our friends & family today & and I have been on my feet since 7:15 am (after going to bed at 2 am).
But this is what I love to do!
It was a wonderful day and sitting here in the glow of my Christmas tree, I find so many things for which I am thankful.
I am so happy to have my family here with me this year!
And some very dear friends joined us as well. We had a full & happy house.
And now, it's a very SLEEPY house! (thank you Tryptophan!)
Seriously, I think I could go to sleep right now and sleep straight through until Sunday!
At least I won't have to cook again for a couple of days.
I made enough food to feed a small army!

I will try to upload some pictures tomorrow.

I hope YOUR day was equally wonderful.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Let the shopping begin!
Well, maybe after a little nap...

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