19 November 2008

Lions, and Zebras, and Hippos, OH MY!

Time again for another unsolicited round of movie reviews!

Clay & I took the girls to see Madagascar II last weekend & it was pretty cute. There were some hilarious moments, but overall, I still like the first one best.
Raisha, however, is in LOVE with Melman -- the giraffe!She has a little stuffed Melman that Nick Prestridge gave her almost 3 years ago & she sleeps with it every night! Indeed, if Melman is not in the car when we leave, we must spend at least 5 minutes looking for him.
My favorite is Marty the zebra, primarily because Chris Rock does the voice and I LOVE Chris Rock. Yes, I know he can be rather tawdry & irreverent at times, but he is still really funny!
I don't know why he has to do the crude stuff; he is equally funny when he is not.

Tonight, Nadia & I went to see Secret Life of Bees and it was even better than I had

I read the book several months ago when my good friend, Tongua, recommended it. It is a powerful film & full of sharp, historical reality. I bawled like a baby.
I highly recommend it.
Plus, it features Queen Latifah, who I admire greatly. =)

I'm looking forward to next month's movie releases, in particular:
*Marley & Me
(I REALLY hope they don't do a stupid, over-glorification of him -- but they probably WILL)
*Seven Pounds
(Even if it does star that ding-dong, Tom Cruise)

Which movies have you seen & loved (or hated) recently?
Which movies are you looking forward to seeing?

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sc said...

cute movie,went to see it last week my self with a young friend we laughed so hard. looking forward to more movie reviews. s.