18 December 2008


My fingers are sore and my tongue is dry (ok, not really because I used self-stick), but I have FINALLY finished my Christmas cards! It only took me 3 days. =)

And on top of that, I have also finished my Christmas shopping.
Alright, I have 3 more things to buy, but that's it!

What I still have left to do:

*Buy & prep roses for Midnight Outreach
*Help decorate the dressing rooms of several area strip clubs
*Actual Midnight Outreach (where we give out the chocolate & roses)
*Watch Natasha's play -- ALL FOUR SERVICES -- She's Mrs. Santa Claus!
*Baton Rouge Dream Center Christmas Outreach & Toy Give-Away -- All day on Saturday
*And finish START my holiday baking:
-- Baklava
-- Orange Walnut Bread
-- Klaicha
-- Christmas cookies
-- Chocolate Popcorn
-- Coconut Cream Cake

Oh, yeah, and wrap all those gifts so Natasha will quit pestering me!

What do YOU still need to get done?

Whatever it is, just keep in mind the real reason for the season: JESUS
Lord knows, I'm trying to!


Lesley said...

Hey girl!

You sound just like me! I still have lots to do too. On my blog yesterday I posted about it and trying not to panic. I am chanting the title of Pastor Dino's current series ... Simple Christmas. Simple Christmas. Simple Christmas... over and over! I'm feeling a bit calmer today so maybe it's working!

Bakalava?!?!?! Yes indeed...I'll be at your house at some point today!!LOL!!!

YoI love that you have such a heart for people :-) You're amazing and it's a blessing to call you FRIEND!!

Lesley said...

Oh yeah, and what is Klaicha?? It sure sounds interesting! :-)

Cindy Wood said...

And you ARE sending your dear old mother some of this, aren't you???? Just kidding - I really don't need it after last week's cruise (I'm still full!) Love and kisses to you all, Mom