10 December 2008

Let It Sneaux, Let It Sneaux, Let It Sneaux!

So, there's this RUMOR going around that we might get some SNOW late tonight & tomorrow morning! It will be mixed with rain & it probably won't stick, but we are excited, nonetheless!

SNEAUX is something you don't see often in south Louisiana.
It's crazy the things you take for granted...

I remember when I was in the Air Force at Tech school, I met a 20-year-old guy from south Florida who had NEVER seen snow in his life. I couldn't fathom what he was talking about. I mean, I grew up in central Arkansas, and while we didn't exactly have a white Christmas every year, we certainly had a good dusting or two. Some years we got several inches of the glorious white stuff!
But this guy had NEVER seen snow (except for on tv).

Did I mention my Tech School was in Denver, Colorado?
In the late fall & winter?
And snow it did!!
The first time the flakes fell, this Floridian ran outside in nothing but a t-shirt & shorts; he was so excited to see snow in person.
Of course that didn't last long. We're talking about DENVER here.
Major cold.
About a month later, this same kid from Florida decided he was pretty sick of the stuff.
When you have to march through 8-9 inches at 4 am every morning, it tends to lose its magic...

But here I sit, giddy as a little girl -- hoping, PRAYING that we get some snow (not sleet, not freezing rain, SNOW).
My kids are excited, too.
But my youngest, Raisha, has never seen snow and I think she wonders what all the hubbub is about. Hopefully, this year, she will get to find out.
I just know she will love it.

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Shannon M. said...

It was supposed to snow here last night, too, but we got no more than a dusting. HOWEVER, the kiddo is home sick with a cold today. We're going to cuddle on the couch and pretend it's a snow day.

Fingers crossed that you get snow!