30 June 2008

Finders Keepers

Heather @ WhittakerWoman has a great post about "hiding places," -- places that may appear clean and neat on the outside, but are filled with chaos inside.

Instantly, I thought of our sofa table.

Even when it's all tidy and dusted, I know that lurking in the seemingly harmless drawer is really a Pandora's box of odds and ends that have never quite found their homes.
Some of these items are now permanent fixtures of "the drawer" as we have never found a better place to keep them (scotch tape).

I warn visitors to our house to open the drawer at their own risk...
Among the treasures I have recently found there?

A yo-yo without a string
A package of gummi bears
Two take-out menus from nearby restaurants
The battery door to one of our remotes
A fossilized candy corn (uh, Halloween was 8 months ago!)
Gum wrappers (because, naturally, it's easy to confuse a sofa table with a trash can)
A broken flashlight
Flat-head screwdriver
A stray playing card (or 12)
and my long-lost recipe for Tortilla Soup (a la Brenda)

I'm sure, by now it's more than over-flowing with new and exciting finds... for anyone daring enough to make the attempt.

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Anonymous said...

Love the fossilized candy corn! :) H